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Beginning Of A New Adventure For MOI

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Candy Wreath

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Now all my maggoty fans can follow me on Twitter….Just be lucky I never made you pay to follow me..But because you are so freakin pathetic I just wantt o show all my girlfriends just how pathetic you all are…

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 Extreme Fetish And Role Play

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Where there are no taboos and ABSOLUTELY NO LIMITS!! So come on and give me a call I cant wait to get extremely nasty with U!

Nikkis Promise to Me

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Fingers: will u take niki as ur future girl…i swear i will be good to u…i will listen 2 u…i will let u be the boss…i will never say no 2 u…i know my role in our life it is to be on the floor listening to you daddy
Fingers: i will be loyal 2 u always

The Adventures Of Turd Face (PT 2)

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Tales of the Turd”
Part 2 Role play
Please remember that all that you shit into the toilet bowl, when you flush it It all comes down to me. It all comes down into my mouth. and if I want to keep breathing I have to swallow every little thing that comes down from you.I have no other choice
Before being placed and forced to be down here. Every single one of all you’re girlfriends, you’re loved and all entire beautiful family made it so clear to me.what is expected of me. Their words and physical punishment made it very clear to me, after they repeated to me over and over again….. time after time after time ….repeating to me over and over with so many degrading bad words and so many humiliating degrading insults that not evn an animal would receive and feels as sad as I do.In fact you’re dogs and pets you have probably live a better and happier life than me. I cant even move or see daylight! Thats how long i have been down here inmovilised I feel completely paralized down here. But though still yet the pain never seems to go away. Why you do they .raise their voices so loud and treat me so bad telling me Iam nothing but a turd? Why have I been having to suffer so much all this time?
Why have Ive been told so many times Iam just a stupid fucking Turd? and a looser mexican thats here to serve you.
Why every one of you’re beautiful family and girl friends are so mean and cruel to me?
Why they have do I have to hear the sound of youre beautiful voices up there, and just laughing and talking among each other, saying that
Iam soo “”stupid,worthless,discustting and pathetic and mean absolutely nothing you”.
It has all come down finally to one thing you’re beautiful sisters Sarah, Nicole, and Amber told me something I will never forget and to this day I still shiver and shake when I remember those words and that look of repulsiveness and hate in their eyes for me .
Once they finished kicking the living crap out of me..I just couldent stop crying.
They looked into my sad eyes and said ….
“”Listen very carefully when we say this ok ! We will only say it one time and one time only!
The only way you can avoid getting hurt like this again , because we will hurt you over and over and over again as many times as we feel we have to!
They only way to avoid some of this suffering and pain is by keeping us all happy.
“Sadly for you”” Nicole said to me with a beautiful smile, their are some thing in you’re sad looser life, that regardless how much you try, it will be pointless. things for you will never feel better for you. Just maybe you’re life will be a little less painful that is all, and trust me, it can get much, much more painful than this.OH you have no idea of the meaning of pain yet”” You really don’t want to know ” Sarah said to me. Finally Amber said to me in with such authority ,
‘Listen to me carefully once again Turd, Ultimately if you want to keep living and for us to permit for you to continue breathing,Is by always doing what we tell you to do. ‘Your her to serve & please all of us.,always remember that you will always be beneath us, This is you’re place in life for ever ok, down there below us in that shit hole, It is now you’re new home dosent that make you so happy? Answer me when i ask you a question you stupid fucking Mexican? Does this make you so happy you fucking Turd huh? Sara said asked me..and also said to me.
You Fucking stupid piece of shit , You will serve and obey all of us!
One way or another you will do what we want you to do.Or we will Kill and burn you alive as we watch you croak and die hahaha You’re Stupid And discusting no one will ever care or even miss you.I start shivering and shaking so much I just cant help peeing al over myself. =( They start laughing like nevr before and say look at this fagget and start laughing die and croak you stupid bitch hahaha You Fucking Worthless Stupid Fucking Mexican Turd hahaha.OH how I could speak and cried out 4 help to beautiful Princess Kelsey.Please Kelsey save me I beg you pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

The Adventures Of Turd Face

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Feature Presentation
New Release 5 Star
Academy Award Winning Kelsey and Ruben The Turd Gonzalez
“Tales of the Turd” Rated R
viewer discretion advised
PART 1 Role play…..
Baby princess Kelsey you are so beautiful you know that right? Please help me I beg you get me out of here!
And can you please tell me why do all the beautiful & gorgeous white princess and queens here treat me like a piece of SHIT and that i am a worthless stupid fucking Mexican bitch?
That my name is Ruben the TURD?
Why Ruben the turd? Why not just my name Ruben? What is a turd princess ?
Why they have me locked up down here under the floor of you’re house?
And why do they degrade me & and think is so much fun to laugh and humiliate me? Why they tell me to nevr talk or complain and to shut the fuck up and do as Iam told ?
And they say Iam only here, and I only exist and you let me exist only for you’re
convinience & satisfaction & personal needs? Youre body confort should always be on my mind they tell me.
And why everytime I look up at you and see how beautiful and gorgeous you are and with my puPpy eyes full of love for you, you them and everyone here is laughing at me and say that none of you beautiful white girls here, will ever in my dreams like me or care for me!
That to all of you I will always just be a stupid fucking Mexican Turd !
Why why do they keep calling me that? A stupid fucking Mexican Turd?
Why do I have to be beneath you as a shit hole only? As a poop slave for all you white beautiful women ?
And why all beautiful girls here just laugh at me and always want to spit on me? Why you laugh so so much & say my my face and everything of me is so discusting ?
That I am only a puke to you and a Huge Brown Fat & Lumpy Discusting Stupid Fucking Turd?
Iam so sad and in my life I cry so much so much .Iam feel so stupid and worthless when u laugh at me always with your hot girlfriends!!
And how you all say you love you’re white Handsome boyfriends?
And tell me to Obey them too and just like you, I should always bow beneath to them to and allow for them to use me?
Why I have to be a Glory Hole? A Shit Hole? And every thing else 4 all of you ?Why me? Why you make me open my mouth to you when you have to poop?
And when u cant fuck you’re boyfriends cause u have you’re period., you allow them to hurt me & use me when ever they feel like it?
When they want to stick their giant
fat very long super young dicks down my throat?
Why are you allowing 4 them to rape my mouth? And so hard!!!
You have no idea how much that hurts me inside!!! They are not gentle with me!
Its so scary cause they love to see me Choke and Gag so much!!! Like literally they get on top of me with all their body !!!
Like if the with no feeling or remorse they were fucking a pussy hole !!
And you girls are all there just laughing when you see this happening to me !!!!
When you see how hard they fuck me?
Don’t you see all these tears are rolling down my eyes and my throat getting ripped so bad I cant even talk soon after??
And when they are finished fucking the hell out of me & shoot that yukkyyyy white creamy load of what ever that is ,
Why do you girls find that so funny and laugh so hard and tell me this
“Swallow all his cum you STUPID FUCKING TURD,
swallow it all you stupid fucking Mexican bitch”” ! You tell me that not only I should always do this but, my life depends on how well i perform all these duties for you.
You tell me that the only reason I exist is to please all you beautiful white people. & to remember and never ever forget that I am so insignificant to all of you .That I am not worth anything to you. That I am here only to please and fully satisfy all of you in anyway you want!
That I am to be used as a Toilet slave and a fuck hole slave!
Among many other things and that I should ever complain.That I have no word no opinion and absolutely no say about any of this and I should never speak or make a peeping sound unless asked by you.
You have no idea how much they hurt me and punished me so severely just before they placed me under here.
Only to make it very clear as they say to me…
“That no one will ever care for me”’.Or have any kind of feelings for me.
That my pain and sadness and suffering means nothing to you..
If anything sometimes it makes you laugh at me & spit on me after u make me swallow all your shit ,pee and everything else!
I cry so much. Are you going to do this too? And am I also just a slave to you? Will you love me? =( Please princess tell me you will not treat me like the other girls here That you will save me from all of them! Please princess I beg you dearly rescue me from all of them and from being underneath the toilet of you’re house!
Please remove me from here. Please remove my mouth from the bottom of the shit hole toilet! It hurts so much! I know you are looking down at me now & you can read my mind and thru my lonely sad my eyes when you finish pooping,peeing on me and every thing else.
Just please remember my sadness. And that I have been down here in total darkness and silence for so long.I feel so lonely, and that the only contact ,touch & feeling of love I have, Is when i feel something from you coming down slowly making its way into my mouth and down my throat. Please remember how It hurts me and how it chokes me and I cant even breath every time you flush that toilet. I am so sad! =(
To be continued….
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